Destruction Made Simple have established themselves as one of the most resilient punk bands in Southern California. Over the past decade DMS has shared many stages with a variety of great bands. Since Destruction Made Simple's establishment in 2000, the band has have delivered an aggressive and in your face style year after year. 
 From Los Angeles backyards, clubs, and pubs to touring the USA, Canada, and Mexico Destruction Made Simple continue to produce music in all styles that are underground. With a punk based sound, backed by thrash, ska, and reggae, every listening and live set is sure to be an experience. Socially conscious, and driven by the battles of everyday life, Destruction plays for the love of music and for those who feel the same.

Destruction Made Simple, self titled EP 2000      Product of Our Own Design, full length 2001
A Vision of Things to Come, EP 2002                   Terror Stricken Youth, full length 2003
Revolution/Evolution, Split EP 2003                    The Evolution of a Revolution, Full length 2005
One Nation For Destruction Full Length 2014      Singularis, EP 2016

                                                                                                           The Cover-Up, EP 2021